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Petition: Hands Off Our Tax Cut

Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: 65% of Americans had a lower federal tax liability in 2018 versus 2017 (NY Times). Americans got their tax reduction on their paycheck and not in the form of a refund (H&R Block). Unemployment is at record lows (Marketwatch). Highest wage growth rate since 2009 (Marketwatch). Will you […]

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Governor Kelly’s “Broken Promise”

Governor Laura Kelly had promised to not raise Kansans taxes. Within her first 100 days of taking office, she broke that promise.

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Override Kelly’s Veto

Governor Kelly vetoed SB 22 in order to prevent Kansans from keeping the federal tax break they received from the Tax Cuts and Job Act. Sign the petition by texting “override” to 555888! Tell our legislators to override Governor Kelly’s veto!

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