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America Stands with Israel

It has been nearly a week since Hamas attacked in the early morning hours, killing more than 1,200 unsuspecting and innocent people.

This week, Israel has turned its full attention to bombing Gaza into a pile of rubble while its allies work diplomatic channels to keep other nations who support terrorism from weighing into the war.

While Americans face the consequences, Joe Biden stumbles and mumbles about the $6B he unfroze and released to Iran, the country behind the attack by Hamas on Israel.

The consequences of the Biden Administration’s disastrous abandonment of Bagram Air Base in 2021 appeared in videos all week long from Gaza with Hamas terrorists brandishing US Firearms, which found their way from Afghanistan to Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

Now, Hamas’ leader has called for a “Global Day of Jihad” to gauge the impact of their terrorist attack in Israel on the psyche of humans across the globe.

The Biden Administration has lied to Americans, committing nothing short of treason, for nearly three years about our southern border. A steady stream of illegal immigrants from across the planet has flowed into America. Here is a current list of the country of origin for those apprehended.

The “got-aways” numbers are entirely unknown but acknowledged by the US Government to be over 1.5M.

Graphic Note: The Islamic Republic of Mauritania is the 11th-largest country in Africa and the 28th-largest globally, and 90% of its territory is in the Sahara. Most of its population of 4.4 million lives in the temperate south of the country, with roughly one-third concentrated in the capital and largest city, Nouakchott, located on the Atlantic coast.

All of this chaos is created by weakness.

Weakness in moral fiber.

Weakness in character.

Weakness in resolve.

Weakness in mental capacity.

Weakness in strength.

Weakness in every possible way.

The solution is “Peace Through Strength”. That is the diplomatic messaging pushed across the world by President Reagan and Trump, where our enemies tread carefully and sleep with one eye open, and our allies live and rest peacefully. That is the world we want to live in.

But because Joe Biden is frail and wholly incompetent, America’s projected strength is embarrassingly weakened on the global stage.

Terrorists are opportunistic animals who wait to exploit Americ’s soft spots that every person on Earth knew were inevitably coming. The Biden Administration has screwed this up so badly that an attack on American soil by terrorists, people our president let walk right in, seems inevitable. And if/when this occurs, the responsibility lies with everyone who voted for this national and international embarrassment and debacle.

And, to be sure, Biden certainly gets credit for consistency. Unfortunately, he has been consistently wrong. As Bob Gates, the former U.S. defense secretary in the Obama administration once put it, Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Elections have consequences. And American blood is now spilled because Biden is literally and figuratively asleep at the wheel.

Biden has tried to destroy America.

Biden has wrecked our economy.

Biden has embarrassed us endlessly.

Biden has killed Americans.

Biden has endangered the world.

Biden has no business being president.

And you should be mad as hell. I am.

Guest Column


JR Claeys

Kansas State Senator

Defeat Ranked

Choice Voting

The Left is on the march again, attempting to rig the system to benefit proponents of their radical ideology. This time it’s a scheme called “Ranked Choice Voting (RCV).” The process is complex, breeding confusion and reducing participation.

RCV allows Democrat gamesmanship and strategic voting while relying on Republican voters to lose their voice through “ballot exhaustion” where voters do not make multiple choices and are no longer voters as their preferred candidates are eliminated. These are just a few of the reasons RCV cannot gain a foothold in any state and must be banished in Kansas.

One of the primary flaws of RCV is its complexity. Traditional voting systems are straightforward: you choose one candidate, and the candidate with the most votes wins. RCV, on the other hand, requires voters to rank multiple candidates in order of preference.

Ranked Choice Voting often lacks the transparency that traditional voting systems offer. In traditional systems, every vote carries equal weight. With RCV, the process of vote counting and redistribution can be opaque and confusing, making it challenging for voters to understand how their preferences are being represented.

It also introduces a complex strategic element into voting, where voters are encouraged to not only support their preferred candidate but also strategically rank other candidates to maximize the chances of their favored candidate winning. This strategic aspect can lead to an environment where voters may feel pressured to make tactical decisions, rather than voting based on their true preferences.

This entire scheme can result in an endless cycle of vote counting and redistribution if no candidate secures a majority in the first round. This process can be time-consuming, expensive, and logistically challenging, potentially delaying the announcement of election results. It can also create uncertainty and erode public confidence in an electoral process that is already subject to intense scrutiny.

In a traditional election, voters can hold elected officials accountable by either re-electing or removing them from office. RCV can make it more difficult for voters to clearly express their disapproval of an incumbent, as the incumbent may not be eliminated in the early rounds of vote redistribution. This can reduce accountability in the electoral process, hindering the ability of citizens to demand change when necessary.

In 2024, we will be working to defeat ranked choice voting in four states where liberal interest groups have lined up the resources to implement their plan. These activists are working to gain a foothold with ranked choice voting in a conservative red state where media is cheap and voters are not aware of the potential for their vote to be diminished by this scheme.

Equally important, in our upcoming legislative session in Kansas we must eliminate Ranked Choice Voting as an option for any level of government in any election from township clerk to Governor.

Sen. J.R. Claeys

Vice President

Axiom Strategies


From time to time, the Friday File Guest Column has been and will be made available to all Republican candidates for President of the United States.

Candidates are offered this space as a service to Kansas Republicans to hear from those who desire to be our Republican nominee and to lead the free world.

The KSGOP does not endorse or support any candidate for any office over another in a contested Republican primary election.

Make Your Plan to Vote

Election day approaches for Kansas’ local races

Have you made your plan to vote?

Here are a few important dates to keep in mind.

Conservatively Speaking


KSGOP Chairman

Mike Brown

America Should

Never Negotiate

with Terrorists


Here is Why

The Biden administration's approach to securing the release of American prisoners from Iran is profoundly flawed and fraught with dangerous consequences. While the return of five Americans held in Iran is undoubtedly a relief for their families and all those concerned about the plight of American hostages, the outrageous cost of this release, a staggering $6 billion released to the Iranian regime, casts a dark and ominous real-world shadow.

This pact, brokered by the Biden administration, carries the potential for catastrophic outcomes in the Middle East and elsewhere across the globe. The drawbacks far outweigh the benefits, as the released funds, once under the control of Tehran, are likely to fuel nefarious activities that pose a severe threat to regional stability and security.

And this is precisely why we historically have had a policy to never negotiate with terrorists.

It's essential to acknowledge that negotiating the release of hostages inevitably involves navigating treacherous waters and striking uneasy compromises with unsavory actors. It is a given that sketchy people are a part of this kind of negotiation and outcome. As such, diplomatic endeavors like this inherently entail risks to American interests. However, what makes this agreement unique and deeply troubling is the timing and the colossal sum of money involved.

Despite assurances from the US National Security Council that these billions are designated exclusively for humanitarian purposes, such as food and medicine, the accompanying sanctions waiver essentially bestows Iran with unchecked authority to allocate these funds towards its nuclear ambitions, acts of terrorism, and support for proxy conflicts. Regardless of assurances, it is idiotic to have believed none of this money would fuel terrorism from the number one state-sponsor of terrorism on Earth, Iran.

When these funds are funneled to the regime, ostensibly for distribution to aid organizations, the international community relinquishes all control over their disbursement. There are legitimate concerns that this money will end up in the hands of the most sinister actors in the Middle East.

And here we are. Hamas has attacked Israel, killing innocent Israelis and Americans too. Given the “success,” as defined by Iran, of the Gaza-based attack, it is entirely plausible the Iranian regime will divert even more substantial portions of these funds to bolster further attacks on Israel, the USA, and the Western world. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi's assertion that Tehran has complete discretion over the fund allocation is profoundly disconcerting and disingenuous. This not only undermines the intended humanitarian purpose of the agreement but also empowers groups with a track record of sowing chaos, supporting terrorism,

perpetrating human rights abuses, and killing innocent people.

The Biden administration's approach to negotiations with Tehran is characterized by a palpable sense of desperation, exemplified by the hurried resurrection of the disastrous Iran nuclear deal by John Kerry. This deal-making sends a troubling message to our key allies in the Middle East, including Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Iraq, about the White House's willingness to appease Iran at any cost.

It is a glaring oversight that Secretary of State Antony Blinken did not demand a transparent account of the case of Robert Levinson, the retired FBI agent kidnapped in Iran in 2007. He is widely believed to have perished in Iranian custody.

Iran stands on the precipice of producing enough fissile material to create a nuclear weapon. This real threat could trigger a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and gravely imperil American interests in the region.

As the Iranian regime intensifies its crackdown on protesters, this deal conveys a regrettable message not only to the demonstrators but also to the world at large.

President Joe Biden should hold a principled stance against Iran based on its atrocious human rights violations. The inconsistency in American foreign policy poses uncomfortable questions about the pursuit of justice, human rights and a deeply compromised president.

Engaging with President Raisi, an infamous political figure of deeply flawed integrity and morals with a deeply troubling past marred by accusations of overseeing heinous crimes against humanity, is a grievous mistake. His direct and indirect involvement in policies resulting in thousands of executions implicates him in grave human rights abuses. The move to legitimize a regime with such a dark record undermines the basic and core principles of justice, human rights, and the rule of law that should be paramount in any diplomatic endeavor. But we are talking about Iran here, and they conveniently play by whatever rules they just made up and then use religion as a shield from criticism.

On the other side of the equation we find the US trying to secure the return of American prisoners which is, of course, a noble endeavor. The tactics employed however by the Biden administration to achieve this goal are profoundly wrongheaded. The free world must not ignore the huge potential risky and dangerous consequences of funneling $6 billion into the wrong hands while granting diplomatic credibility to a leader with a blood-stained past. The international community must stand united against the Iranian regime's oppressive policies and its support for groups that seek to destabilize global security.

The words of Benjamin Franklin certainly apply today as much as they did in the 1700’s:

“We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

And that is why we should never negotiate with terrorists.


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Join the KSGOP 1776’ers Club now!

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1776’ers led the way, but despite our strength, we’re facing genuine threats. That’s because the Democrat Party has a completely different -- and dangerous -- agenda that opposes everything that keeps America safe and strong. Every freedom-loving Kansan needs to be on high alert to these very real risks.

As you know, America is becoming a nation we no longer recognize.

Dominated by socialist and Marxist ideology, the liberals are pushing hard to politicize and weaponize everything from criminal justice to healthcare, education to energy, farming to election integrity and so much more -- all to solidify their stranglehold on you and me.

We must fight together.


By joining the "1776 Club”, you'll become a card-carrying member of the KSGOP and join a passionate community of like-minded individuals committed to upholding conservative principles and ensuring a prosperous future for Kansas and the United States.

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Double-Nickel Birthday

The Kansas Republican Party announced today a new fundraising opportunity for Kansas Republicans, which coordinates with KSGOP Chairman Mike Brown’s birthday this month on October 16th.

Mike will celebrate his 55th (the big double-nickel!) birthday and he wants to celebrate his 55 trips around the sun with you!

The Parallel Universe

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