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Virginia Crossland Macha

The Kansas State Fair

Fun, Smiles and Giggles Await!

First Friday after Labor Day can only mean ONE thing….Kansas State Fair Time! Now don’t rush to judgement until I share just a few facts about the State Fair that I learned over the last 20 years, 9 of them on the State Fair Board, 3 of those years as Board President.

The Kansas State Fair will attract over 265,000 visitors who will spend around $132 Million within an 80-mile radius of Hutchinson, Kansas. Sounds like a small amount when larger counties have bigger numbers, but here are some priceless things that really doesn’t happen every day.

I have ridden camels, Harleys, and horses in parades during the fair. I have zipped, whipped, & have been bench-pressed by a muscle man in a kilt. I have shown cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs guided by 14-year-old champions in the arena.

I have been interviewed by Bobby Bones, Lucky Kid, and Alice Cooper while he played Golf. Even Barney Fife found popularity among the crowds with his one bullet act.

I have judged grilled cheese sandwich and ice cream contests, stomped grapes in a match, and dressed as a grape to promote the event. I have judged science competitions, band performances, and even a dance competition that ended with Dance Moms hunting me down.

The honor of serving the people of Kansas & being an ambassador for the State Fair allowed me to develop programs that Kansans could be proud of. This year, as the Grand Drive Scholarship Sponsor, I will be honored to return to the Grand Drive Arena to award the Grand Drive Scholarships to 10 outstanding 4-H’ers who have performed outside the arena. It was five years ago that the efforts of members of the Grand Drive and I, as president of the Board, took the initiative to make this Project a reality. I consider it one of my memorable accomplishments for Kansas’s Largest Showcase for Agriculture, which will serve many 4-H’ers for many years.

So, if you want something to do, come to the State Fair this weekend and find your fun! I can guarantee that if you can’t find your fun here, it doesn’t exist.

Visit the KSGOP Booth

at the

Kansas State Fair

Please visit YOUR Kansas Republican Party Booth in the Meadowlark Building at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson!

You will find smiling faces, opportunities to sign up for the 1776 Club, meet, mix, and mingle with fellow Republicans from across the state, visit with our fabulous volunteers who are staffing the booth over the next ten days and click on the QR code for a chance to win a KSGOP t-shirt!

A special thank you to Tess Anderson, KSGOP Secretary, for organizing the booth and making it look so welcoming. Also, a special thank you to Marty Bohannon, KSGOP Office Manager, for organizing the volunteers and making an untold number of phone calls and emails to fill the volunteer slots! BRAVO!!!

Please come and see us. We’re expecting you!

1776 Club

Join Now and Become a Card-Carrying Kansas Patriot!

Join the “1776 Club” and Stand for Liberty and Patriotism!

Are you ready to take a stand for liberty, patriotism, and the future of our great nation?

By joining the "1776 Club," you'll become a card-carrying member of the KSGOP and join a passionate community of like-minded individuals committed to upholding conservative principles and ensuring a prosperous future for Kansas and the United States. Together, we can make a difference and save America from the threats that loom over our values and freedoms.

As a member of the "1776 Club," you'll actively participate in shaping policies that align with our core beliefs, and you'll have the chance to be eligible for exciting "pop-up perks" as fabulous opportunities become available. The perks program offers random winners the chance to attend unique and exclusive events, giving you the opportunity to be part of the "cool kids club"!

The "1776 Club" represents the embodiment and foundation of our nation's founding principles and the spirit of independence. By joining this exclusive club, you'll gain access to a network of influential leaders and dedicated activists who are working tirelessly to protect our constitutional rights and preserve the American dream.

Joining the KSGOP and the "1776 Club" is not just about being a member; it's about being part of a movement that stands firm against the forces that threaten our American values. Together, we will promote limited government, individual liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to make a real impact. Join the Kansas Republican Party and the "1776 Club" today, and be part of the solution. Together, we will build a stronger, more united America and Kansas for generations to come.

Thank you for your support and commitment to our shared values.

Conservatively Speaking


KSGOP Chairman

Mike Brown

The Ukraine War, Money Laundering, and the Sinister Truth

It's time to face a harsh reality.

Behind the smoke and mirrors of the White House’s “justification” for America’s involvement in the Ukraine war lies a sinister plot that threatens to compromise America's future.

To put it bluntly, this conflict is a proxy war with Russia, and it’s a money laundering scheme for Joe Biden & Co. Sadly and wretchedly, the Ukrainian people suffer, and their soldiers line up to die to hold up the illusion this is a real war, meanwhile Biden & Co. get richer by the day, and America gets poorer and more insecure. And as horrible as all of that is, it is simply a smoke screen distraction from the real enemy and our true nemesis: the Chinese Communist Party.

While squandering our vast treasure of resources, including weaponry and money, by fighting a proxy war in Ukraine, China eagerly and patiently watches our foolishness, relishing our misplaced focus. Please make no mistake: China wants nothing more than for us to deplete our cache of weaponry in this pointless battle. They do not care that Biden & Co. are lining their pockets while selling America down the river.

The fact is, if this were a real war, we could have put an end to it long ago. Congress could have intervened. The US military could have shut down Russia through cutting-edge technology. But that isn’t the desired outcome America’s leadership wants. They want this to go on while they enrich themselves. This is simply a facade.

Enough is enough. We must demand accountability for every penny of the more than $75 billion we’ve given Ukraine. And when this audit occurs, if it occurs, I highly suspect we are going to find a big chunk of this “aid” was funneled back to the Biden’s and others in true mob fashion. That’s how crime syndicates work and some other very prominent Americans are likely involved in this money laundering scheme and they will suffer the consequences in the end.

We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted by petty dustups and disputes around the globe and at home while the true threat looms squarely in front of us. The Chinese Communist Party is a formidable and powerful force to be reckoned with and they will stop at nothing to undermine our nation.

Proxy wars have a nasty habit of becoming hot wars, and that's something you have to keep a close eye on. We can be pulled into it directly in the blink of an eye or with one misfired errant missile.

We must end playing the nation-building game. When a threat presents itself, we must confront it head-on and expeditiously eliminate it. The days of tiptoeing around in the name of “diplomacy” must be over. It is time to walk softly carrying a big stick, but we also need to be prepared to swiftly use that stick. No one on Earth believes that Biden & Co. has the gumption to actually strike back. Appeasement is the Left’s flawed strategy but Republican leadership has shown repeatedly over the last 50+ years that “Peace Through Strength” overwhelmingly works.

Our way of life, and quite possibly our very lives, are at stake. We can certainly hope, but we cannot afford to dance around the truth any longer. Pretending it will simply sort itself out is dangerous. Yes, hope is necessary as human beings, but hope is not a policy or a strategy.

We must demand the truth. We must demand Russia pull out of Ukraine and be prepared to back up our demand with USA strength and might. We must reel in the criminal enterprise running our country, “Biden & Company”. We must expose the truth behind the Ukraine war - money laundering. And we must singularly confront the real enemy, China.

It's time to take action. Our collective future depends on it.

The Parallel Universe

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Website Launched

Please check out our new and super-snazzy KSGOP website that just launched!

Thanks to Dakotah Parshall, KSGOP Executive Director, for his efforts and talents to pull this together. It is remarkable and I'm delighted to have been the catalyst to bring this modern and easy-to-use website forward.

Updating and changing our KSGOP website is now easy and quick, so let us know if you have a suggestion or catch an error!

We hope you love the new site like we do!


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